Turnkey Service Feedwater Heater Instillation

Feedwater Heater Install

AM-EX team members designed and manufactured two replacement high pressure feedwater heaters for this project and provided the turnkey installation. The existing copper nickel high pressure feedwater heaters were being replaced by AM-EX T22 high alloy high pressure feedwater heaters. AM-EX removed and installed the replacement heaters in less than one week to meet the customer outage requirements.

Project Details

  • High Pressure Feedwater Heaters Manufactured In Hartford, Wisconsin, USA
  • Engineered by AM-EX Engineers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  • Installation, Rigging Plans, and Engineering by AM-EX Engineers in Milwaukee and Hartford Wisconsin
  • SA213 T22 Alloy Tubing
  • Insulation
  • High Pressure Feedwater Nozzel Piping