Feedwater Heaters High Pressure Horizontal

Vertical Head Down High Pressure Feedwater Heater

The vertical high pressure (HP) feedwater heater photographed was manufactured at AM-EX fabrication facilities in Hartford Wisconsin, USA and shipped CFR international port along with numerous other heaters on the same order.

AM-EX is the leading American high pressure vertical feedwater heater manufacturer. AM-EX unique vertical three zone designs ensure heater integrity, reliability, and availability for your sub-critical, super-critical, ultra super critical, and nuclear requirements.

Choose AM-EX for your American High Pressure Feedwater Heater Manufacturer.

Project Details

  • High Pressure Vertical Feedwater Heater Manufactured In Hartford, Wisconsin, USA
  • Engineered By AM-EX Engineers In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  • Three Zone Design With -4 degree F TTD Per Specification
  • AM-EX Specific No Tube In Window Desuperheating Zone Design
  • SA-556 C2 Carbon Steel Tubing
  • Hemi-Head with Manway Design
  • Vertical Head Down